Edie grew up in the Queensland town of Maryborough. Raised on a ferocious diet of rock greats, this is where she gained her creative motivation, enough so, that Edie was able to release her debut single, The Ward, in early 2017. Bianca Reck from the 4zzzFM music department described the single as a, “Ferocious contemporary take on singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, with a theatrical, bluesy twist.” 

Edie took up the piano at the age of six. It wasn’t until a few years later, however, after performing in a production of Les Misérables that she realised her passion for singing. After many years struggling with what she describes as a chaotic childhood, Edie turned to songwriting in her early teens in an effort to secure an element of control in her life. 

Small town life meant that performance opportunities were few and far between, until a close friend convinced her to play a spot in a hardcore show. Although Edie was familiar with the scene and the feedback was well received, she admits it was one of the more daunting experiences of her career thus far. This performance however, along with the aftermath of a failed relationship and suffering from a classic case of small town syndrome, Edie packed up her life and moved south to Brisbane, in an effort to reinvent herself and kick start her musical career. 

Since moving to the city, Edie has been working on recording her debut album. Seemingly taking a mixed bag of musical influences, ranging from the Rolling Stones to Tori Amos, she brings to our ears her own morose take on life. Writing honestly and often harshly about her experiences and the cast of characters of which she has come to befriend along the way, Edie provides us with vocals that are both delicate and powerful, easily controlling the rolling crescendos that have become synonymous with her music. A seemingly unafraid, unapologetic musician, she writes both personal and engaging lyrics which have the ability to both disarm and allure the listener. 

Edie is releasing her new single, Red Apples in 2019, with her debut album, Comatose Overdose to follow.

Edie Stonem
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