Lou Parker is a singer/songwriter from Brisbane. Her style is a ferocious and modern take on Jazz/Blues with a Rock/Pop twist. Starting her musical journey at the age of six, on a quest for independence, artistic expression and creative control, Lou continues to flourish and create.

Lou's music is an extension of herself and is motivated by personal experience. Lou's music is commonly characterised by dark undertones and troubling lyrics which build throughout, causing chaos and colouration. Lou has now reached a great milestone in both her personal and professional life, with the pending release of her debut album 'COMATOSE OVERDOSE' in late 2017.


Lou's first two singles 'The Ward' and 'All The Girls Love Nicholas' have already piqued the interest of her listeners and are both available for streaming on SoundCloud. 'The Ward' music video is also available on YouTube.

"I can only write what I know. Therapy never did a whole lot for me, so I created my own"

- Lou Parker

Lou Parker
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